Amazon-Banned Author, Adele Leigh

The Lupanarium is finally available in paperback (again)!

After being banned from Amazon, it’s taken me some time to find the right venue for selling paperbacks of The Lupanarium, a story about a young survivor of sex trafficking in Ancient Rome. (I get it, Amazon, I hate child rape too, so I respect your decision to disallow my story from your site.)

I now have paperbacks available through Barnes & Noble:

Being banned from Amazon has been a blessing in disguise. It’s given me the time to rebrand. While I started writing the book as romance erotica, it quickly evolved into something decidedly anti-erotic, and now I’ve categorized it as speculative historical fiction and alternative history. It still, however, comes with an explicit content warning for graphic sexual violence.

For interested individuals, will you buy my book, give me a review, tell your friends, talk about it on social media, and/or make it your next book club read? I’m looking for my audience. I hope it will be you.

Kisses and cuts,


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